All Platform/Cross Platform Fortnite Tournament


Games Start Week of May 21st 2018
Monday 5pm-8pm(PST)
Tuesday 5pm-8pm(PST)
Wednesday 5pm-8pm (PST)


Championship Round:
Friday May 25th 2018

Fortnite Plug Tournament:
2 Rounds – 9 Squads
27 players total

Each round will have a full squad including me

A round will be an hour of squads

In each round there will 3 different teams playing every hour with me

If you already have a squad pick your best 3 players and I will be the fourth. 

To move to finals here is what you have to do:

Win the most games in that hour (if 2 squads have the same amount of wins or no wins at all then it will be based on most kills in a game)

Final Winner is based on the top 3 teams from the first 3 rounds that moved on.