I started building VUE. My group video editing app. It was originally done in Obj. C but I wanted to convert it over to swift and redesign some elements. So i have done very small stuff every now and then and was not confident in taking on this project. But when you’re finally in enough “pain” or you want something bad enough you’ll find a way to get it done. SO i just decided to do it myself. I started in xCode with a brand new project, I didn’t take any existing obj-c code and convert it over to swift! I literally wanted to start fresh. (Not to say I wont probably use any libraries or anything). I was using aws for our web service but I switched over to firebase. I will migrate over user data and photos and videos from previous (beta) users. I’ve seen Firebase used for a lot of web apps and never considered it for VUE but looked into it and it’s easy and affordable!

Today I jumped into it, it was as easy as integrated Fabric into your app if some of you have used that. (Google has since purchased Fabric) and that’s how I originally looked into fabric because I really liked how crashlytics worked. I used cocoapods to install Firebase and all its other components. Setup email and facebook login auth and set up most of the UI elements. I still have to set the background for the initial view when a user first opens the app. I will design a motion graphic in Adobe After Effects and then try and use LOTTIE (by airbnb) to export it from After Effects to workable code to have for maybe VUE’s title or a initial user walkthrough while someone signs up. I haven’t decided yet.

BRB for the update, going to work on it.